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Phil Hartman Gets Star On Hollywood Walk of Fame!

6/21/13 by happyfatties

I've been on Newgrounds submitting material for years and always appreciate the support I receive for my own projects. Now, I'm having the great fortune to be part of this much larger project and hope you'll continue that support for it.

To coincide with our news that we're working on an animated film based off Phil Hartman's material, it was announced yesterday that he'll also be receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next year! Read about it here and feel free to follow any news on Facebook and now on Twitter.

If you don't know much about Phil, look him up on IMDB.

Phil Hartman Gets Star On Hollywood Walk of Fame!


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The Simpsons died with him.



Hi, I'm Phil Hartman, and I'm too nice a guy to be angry, about not having received a star on the walk of fame sooner! JBK's from SoCal, and a pleasantly ironic fellow :)

That's right, you're affiliated with now, congratulations! Yep, a lot of water's gone under the bridge in your 7 years here. You've been one of the many voices here, that make the NG song so sweet! Thanks for staying with us!

6/21/13 happyfatties responds:

I'm not going anywhere anytime soon unless the site goes in a "tastefully done pet-porn" direction. Who am I kidding? I'd have more of an incentive to stick around if that happened.

Thanks for keeping up with all that's been going on in my tiny world! I'm always appreciative of people that give half of a damn. Hopefully that'll still happen as I continue to spam up the NG message boards with Phil Hartman news. Honestly, there's some cool developments on the horizon with this project that I know fans of animation, in particular, will appreciate.

Thanks for checking in!



Hi, I'm Phil Hartman. You may remember me from such pavement as the Hollywood Walk of Fame and as ash in the Emerald Bay.

6/21/13 happyfatties responds:

Phil's ashes have been spread in many places. Some that would probably make you very proud and some that would surprise you with their inventiveness and borderline legality.